New Dog Training


Reactive Dog

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl, and other wise act out at the sight of another dog or person? This class is geared toward reactive dogs who struggle to remain focused in the face of triggers. In this class we'll discuss techniques you can apply in real life scenario to help your dog make better choices, and react less. This class is key very small to allow for the most relaxed environment possible and allow for individualized instruction.

Level 1, Beginner

Stratham NH, Tuesday evenings at 5pm.

Level 2, Advanced

Stratham NH, Tuesday evenings at 6pm.

Manners & Obedience

Having a well behaved dog is essential to build a lasting relationship with them! In our manners and obedience classes we'll focus on building good habits using positive training techniques. We'll introduce behaviors and make previous ones even more reliable. Classes are structured for optimal success for each team! 

Whether you're looking for your pup's first class, or to spruce up prior learning, our classes will help you reach your goals.

Level 1, Beginner

Level 2, Intermediate

Canine Good Citizen, Advanced

Control Unleashed

Want to work on your dog’s “off leash” manners?  Do you have that pup that just can’t seem to focus around distractions? The Control Unleashed class is for you! In class and take home games will build your dog’s ability to relax, focus and work off-leash reliably in either stimulating or stressful situations.  We use a variety of training games that increase attention, reduce the power of stressors and the pull of distractions all while having fun with your dog.

Level 1, Beginner

Stratham NH, Wednesday evenings at 5pm.

Dog Sport Classes


Dog sports are a fun way to engage with your dog. Teaching your dog to navigate an obstacle, sniff something out, or to perform a trick, can boost their confidence and improve their willingness to engage with you! 

Dog sports don't necessarily have to be competitive though many of them are. In the classes we offer our goal is for you and your dog to have fun above all else! If earning a certificate or title is something you do want for your dog, we can help you with that too. Check out the current sport classes we have available below.

Dog Parkour Mini Series, Beginner

Stratham NH, Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.