New Dog Training Classes!

Level 1 Manners (Basic Obedience)

Having a well behaved dog is about so much more than just obedience. While this class focuses primarily on obedience, we also take time to problem solve trouble behaviors and do some fun tricks for your dog as well. This class is prefect for dogs who have just been adopted, have never had a lot of training, a new puppy, or dogs that just need a refresher. Behaviors we will cover in this class include attention, settle, come, stay, and so much more!

Cost of this class is $130. This class will meet once weekly for 5 weeks. Class starts Tuesday November 5th at 6:30pm at the Bow Lake Grange Hall in Strafford NH. 

Level 2 Manners

This group class will build on previously learned behaviors. We'll take those great foundation behaviors like sit, stay and come and build to a higher level of distraction, creating reliability in a distracting environment. We will also introduce a few tricks as well!

Cost of this class is $130. This class will meet once weekly for 5 weeks. Class starts Tuesday
November 5th at 7:30pm at the Bow Lake Grange Hall in Strafford NH. 

Canine Good Citizen & Novice Trick Dog

In this class we will focus on teaching the skills necessary for your dog to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and Novice Trick Dog. This unique class is great for any dog with a solid understanding of the basics. Perfect first step for anyone considering doing therapy work, or would just like a well mannered canine. The trick portion of the test goes hand in hard with the CGC curriculum and is a great way to boost any dogs confidence.

Learn more about the program here,

Class starts Thursday November 7th at 7:30pm and meets once weekly, at the Bow Lake Grange Hall, for 5 weeks. Cost of the class is $145 (Includes Test.)


Reactive Dog Class Level 1

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl, and other wise act out at the sight of another dog or person? This class is geared toward reactive dogs who struggle to remain focused in the face of triggers. In this class we'll discuss techniques you can apply in real life scenario to help your dog make better choices, and react less. This class is key very small to allow for the most relaxed environment possible and allow for individualized instruction.

First lesson will be in webinar format with a short quiz following. In person classes will meet starting November 11th at 6:15pm, once weekly for 5 weeks. Cost of this class is $150. Registration is limited to 4 working teams!

Class meets at Inspire K9's Training Center in Barnstead NH.

Into to K9 Nose Work

Have you caught the K9 Nose Work bug? Think your dog has a strong sense of smell? Want to learn more about how to best introduce your dog to the wonderful world of this ever growing k9 sport? Join Certified Nose Work Instructor, Louise Daigle, in this weekly class on introducing your dog to K9 Nose Work. In this class we’ll discuss building your dogs drive to search and how to set up each search area to allow your dog to be successful. We’ll identify what motivates your dog the most (food, toy etc) and encourage them to search for that among containers in the environment. We will also discuss the many organizations that host trials for you and your dog to compete in to earn titles and, to just have fun! This class is structured so that one dog works at a time. Dogs not searching will be asked to be crated, behind a gate, or patiently waiting their turn. Please let us know if this may be an issue for your dog and we’ll do our best to accommodate. K9 Nose Work is great for all dogs! Retired agility dogs, senior dogs, newly adopted dogs, mildly reactive dogs, puppies and more! All dogs love sniffing which makes this a great opportunity to bond with your dog too! No prior training necessary!

Class starts Monday, November 11 th at 5pm and meets once weekly for 5 weeks. Cost of this class is $130

Class meets at Inspire K9's Training Center in Barnstead NH.

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