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For some pets going to the vet is a scary thing. It goes without saying that for many patients, the usual poking and prodding of a veterinary exam can elicit a less than pleasant response. In this seminar our experts will discuss ways to collaborate with the dog’s team in order to reduce their stress and improve the outcome for everyone. 

Dr. Shannon Emmons will dig deep into behavior through a medical lens, going over the importance of investigating the dog’s health when there is a behavioral change. Dr. Emmons will be covering several case studies showing how behaviors such as aggression, fear, and anxiety can be caused or exacerbated by medical issues. 

Behavior consultant, Laura Gendron, will discuss the hands-on training necessary to help these dogs feel more safe and be more tolerant of necessary handling. Laura will go over practical and proactive tips for all members of the patients team including the vet and the pet parents. 

Take the guesswork out of working with nervous dogs and show them, and their families, that they don’t have to sweat the vet! 


Can't make it to the live event?

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Join us on Saturday, April 29th from 9am to 4pm at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham NH.
Cost to register is $150.
Group pricing available for 3+.
Contact us for more details.
Approved for 6 RACE credits & 6 CCPDT Ceus.

Event Contact
Louise Belmont

Can't make it to the live event?

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