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Reactivity Rehab

Thriving with your reactive dog.


In this 9-week comprehensive program you will go from feeling anxious about your reactive dog and struggling with their behavior to learning how you can transform their reactivity through positive and practical training methods, so you can navigate the world confidently together.

Hi there!

I'm Louise Belmont, a professional dog trainer with 10+ years of experience helping families with their dogs. Before that though, I was a reactive dog parent just like you. When my first dog, Manzo, started barking and lunging at people and other dogs, I felt lost.


I know what it's like to feel embarrassed walking your dog

 or to feel anxious to even leave the house with them. The responsibility to keep your dog happy and safe despite their behavioral concerns puts a great deal of stress on your shoulders. 

You don't have to do this alone.

Before I tell you all about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.


Who is this program for?

Reactivity Rehab is right for you if you share your life with a reactive dog and are looking for not just the training, but the accountability to resolve their reactive behavior. If you are feeling frustrated at your dog's behavior and at the overwhelming amount of options out there, then this program is perfect for you. 

If your are...

  • Ready to enjoy walking your dog again without the embarrassment and anxiety that comes with walking a dog who barks and lunges at people and dogs.

  • Looking for a clear path forward to resolve your dog's behavior without having to send them away.

  • Excited to feel confident with your dog and your training skills.

You're in the right place!
Reactivity Rehab will give you the tools, training, accountability, and support you need to enjoy life with your reactive dog again!

Louise is absolutely wonderful.  She is knowledgeable and truly understands the challenges of working with reactive dogs. She does an excellent job making a difficult situation less stressful with her easy personality and effective techniques. She is kind, understanding and non judgmental - something that is very much appreciated as dog training is often more about training the human than the dog. Kris D.

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6 Monthly Payments of

A One-time payment of


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6 Monthly Payments of

A One-time payment of

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Want to make sure you get the absolute most out of the program? Prefer 1:1 coaching? Become a VIP student to get a private session with me each week! Space is limited to 5 students.

Millie has come so far and has started to disengage from other dogs on her own when they’re at a distance and her threshold for passing dogs at closer distances has become so much smaller. We just had a walk yesterday where she passed multiple screaming kids and dogs on the other side of the street and you would have no idea of the lunatic that she used to be. ❤️She will be spoiled and loved unconditionally no matter what, but you have given us the tools to let US enjoy our time outside of the house with her because we’re not constantly stressing about who or what’s around the corner.  Katie D.

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Module 01 Highlights

  • Identify your dog's triggers and begin to create a plan for each one.

  • Become a master at observing dog body language and learning to speak dog.

  • Understand why dogs become reactive and identify your dog's motivation.

  • Weekly Training and Lesson Plans.



Module 02 Highlights

  • Learn how to set your dog up for success around every one of their triggers.

  • Learn practical approaches to ensure a safe training environment.

  • Receive step-by-step guidance on using video as a valuable tool in the training program, along with tips for easy implementation.

  • Weekly Training and Lesson Plans.


The Human End of the Leash

Module 03 Highlights

  • Learn from our guest teacher Marlene O’Neill Laberge who holds a Masters in Social Work and is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator.

  • Understand how your attachment style influences you as a care giver for your dog.

  • Learn about the different types of stress, the risks associated with prolonged periods of stress, and what to do about it.

  • Weekly Training and Lesson Plans.


Behavior Change

Module 04 Highlights

  • Learn the science and art of changing a dog's behavior.

  • Learn how we use patterns and predictability to prepare for trigger scenarios.

  • Comprehensive tool kits with plans for every situation you and your dog may find yourselves in.

  • Weekly Training and Lesson Plans.



Module 05 Highlights

  • Learn how to train your dog confidently in the real world.

  • Navigate the complex situation of having guests to your home with your dog.

  • Acquire practical tools and strategies to advocate for your dog during walks.

  • Weekly Training and Lesson Plans.

Plus These Bonuses!
With these extras you'll have everything you need to kick start your dog's journey.


$597 value

That's right, I'll be with you every single step of the way.

I'll walk you through each step within our comprehensive program. From start to finish you'll have a cheerleader who is rooting for you and your dog.

We'll meet weekly for group coaching calls, I'll host live Q&A sessions to get your quick questions answered and we'll also get together inside a private bonus facebook group to share thoughts, wins, questions, and stories. We're all in this together!

9 Weeks of Coaching


$25 value

I know what you're thinking, "But why?"

With a handy cell phone tripod you'll be able to record your training sessions with ease! You'll be able to receive feedback and support on every video.

If you're thinking, "Yes, but I am not tech savvy!" I've got you covered. Inside of module 2, I coach you step-by-step on how to record and share your videos for feedback. I promise that it's easy and essential for your progress throughout this program.

Smartphone Tripod


$297 value

You are in for a real treat here! 


During the course of the program we'll have a few guest speakers to cover a few very important topics.

You'll receive the schedule of guest speakers during the first week of the program but we'll be covering Canine Enrichment, Muzzle Training and Conditioning, Veterinary Care for Reactive Dogs, and When to see a Veterinary Behaviorist. 

Bonus Trainings

Inside Reactivity Rehab Alone, You Get...

5 Course Modules

Showing you absolutely everything you will need to know to teach your dog and to resolve their reactivity.

Toolkits for every Situation

Step by step guides to walk you through any triggering scenario for your dog. No more mystery!

Human Learning Too!

An entire module dedicated to conquering your own anxieties, and managing stress. Because dog training is really about training the people!

Unparallelled Support & Accountability

You'll not only have the support from your coaches but also, your peers! The group community will help you hold yourself accountable to do the work. But don't worry, we'll help too!

Will you be joining us! (1).png

When you add that all up
you get a real-world value of $2,216.

But you can join Reactivity Rehab today for just...

6 Monthly Payments of

A One-time payment of


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Plus you'll be backed by a risk-free
14 day money back guarantee.

I know that in this program you're not just going to learn how to train your dog, no no. It's much more than that. You're going to transform your relationship, your training skills, and your own self confidence!

It's a big promise, I know, but I believe in it so much - that I'm guaranteeing it! 

Reactivity Rehab comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. When this program starts, if after 14 days of showing up and doing the work you feel like it's not the right fit for you, we'll refund you, no questions asked. 

  • Don't you need to see my dog's behavior in order to help?
    No I don't. While I recognize that it feels validating for someone else to witness your dog's behavior, I don't want them to rehearse undesired behavior. I don't need to see your dog bark or lunge at something in order to believe what you are seeing. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to take video of your training lessons and share them with me for valuable feedback.
  • How can you help me train my dog over the internet?
    As a "dog trainer" I have found that I am more of a coach for pet parents. While I do love training hands on with dogs, it is of no help to the guardian if I just take and train the dog for you. Through this program you will learn all the tools, techniques, and skills you need to effectively train your dog yourself. After all, you are your dog's biggest advocate and they need your support if they're going to learn to think, feel, and behave differently.
  • How much free time do I need to complete this program?
    You'll need 1-3 hours each week in order to watch the module lessons, join the support calls, and actually train hands on with your dog.
  • What kind of support is available in this program?
    There will be a variety of ways to receive support. We'll have weekly group coaching calls where we'll discuss that week's lessons, share training videos, and go over any questions. We'll also have weekly live Q&A calls for the shorter questions. Lastly we'll have a bonus facebook group where students can share questions and even post video of their training sessions for feedback. All of this support is included in our 9 week program.
  • What does lifetime access mean?
    When you sign up for Reactivity Rehab today, you will always have access to the program. I may tweak lessons or add new lessons. Lifetime access means you'll never have to pay again for the course content and you'll have access to every new upgrade each time I re-launch the program.
  • Will this program teach me how to introduce my dog to people and other dogs?
    This program will teach you how to help your dog feel better and therefore behave better in triggering scenarios. We will not be covering greeting scenarios in this program as this poses a greater safety risk for some dogs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to take back your walks and
enjoy life with your reactive dog again?

Let's do this!

6 Monthly Payments of

A One-time payment of


Webinar Invitations (3).png

6 Monthly Payments of

A One-time payment of

The Reactive Dog Roadmap (2).png

Want to make sure you get the absolute most out of the program? Prefer 1:1 coaching? Become a VIP student to get a private session with me each week! Space is limited to 5 students.

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