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Dog Days of Fall

dog training retreat

Save the date! October 14-16th, 2022.
Details coming soon! Stay in the know by signing up for our waitlist.


Looking for a special weekend with your best friend? Want to leave your busy life behind and bond with your dog for the weekend? We are so excited to bring back Dog Days of Fall, our annual dog training retreat. Join us in beautiful Ocean Park, Maine for a weekend full of training, relaxing, and fun!

What we're offering


Registration includes access to seminar!

Animal Bodywork wirh Dr Tasha Wilson

Have you ever wondered what your pet’s strength was? If your pet’s muscles were sore after a long day hiking… or perhaps a long day sleeping? Dr Tasha Wilson, a local veterinarian licensed in ME and NH who specializes in canine rehabilitation, wants to help you figure that out! Is your pet’s muscles firm because he/she is strong or is it because they are tight? And need massage? What is your pet’s strength level and how can I make him/her stronger? If my dog had tightness in the triceps- how do I know and can I fix it? This seminar will focus on showing you ways to assess muscle strength and flexibility, common issues seen, and what you can do as a pet owner to help. She will help you gain knowledge and be able to put answers to these questions.


Registration includes access to 4, 90 minute workshops! 



Sensory Explorers

Fear Free Vet Prep

Canine Fitness


Dog Themed Crafts


Happy Ratters

Animal Bodywork

Training Games

Retreat Levels



Gold Level includes housing in a private rustic cabin with a private restroom. This provides guests with a quieter stay. Registration in 4 workshops and access to seminar included. Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch are included.  Cost, $655



Silver Level includes housing in a dorm style room with shared restrooms. Enjoy a greater sense of community here with a shared meeting space to relax in. Registration in 4 workshops and access to seminar included. Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch are included. Cost, $580

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Meet The Instructors

Piper and Louise_edited.jpg

Louise Daigle, CPDT-KA, CGC

Co-Owner of Red Pointy Dog Training

Louise has been training dogs professionally for 8 years. With an associates degree in animal science from UNH, Louise started working as a vet tech before moving on to training in animal shelters. Having had challenging dogs herself, Louise has a soft spot for the difficult dogs. She specializes in behavior modification for aggressive and reactive dogs. 

Louise is a supporting member of the International Association of Applied Behavior consultants, a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Canine learning is a science and as a result this field is ever growing. Louise is committed to continuing education and is diligently working towards becoming a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.


Jake Belmont, CGC, APDT, CPDT-KA

Co-Owner of Red Pointy Dog Training

Jake has been working with dogs for his entire professional career with 6 years of training experience. He started working in dog daycare and was quickly fascinated by dog communication and learning. From there he started his own dog walking business until he joined forces with Red Pointy Dog Training in 2018. 

Jake is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and is currently studying to become a Certified Dog Parkour Instructor.

Megan Arey, CPDT-KA, CGC

Owner of Inspire K9's

Megan holds an Associates degree in Applied Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. She has been in the dog sport world since she was 16 years old. Starting out in the AKC breed ring showing German Shorthair Pointers while working for professional show handlers. This is where she started seeing the dog sports available besides the breed ring. She started dabbling in Rally obedience, hunt tests, and agility with her GSP. After college she went on to be a dog groomer while still competing in many venues titling her GSP. While grooming she always worked with the fearful, and unconfident dogs that came into the shop to build up their confidence and tolerance for the grooming process. This sparked her interest in canine behavior. From there the rest is history. She made a career change and decided to work towards her dog trainer certification. Once she became certified she opened Inspire K-9's Training Center with a mission to show all students that after manners there are so many fun opportunities within the dog sport world for students and their pups. All why using a positive, force free method!

Laura Gendron.jpg

Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified, AS

Owner of Miss Behavior in Northwood, founded her dog training business in 2008. She graduated from the University of NH with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science with a concentration on Small Animal Care. Laura is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and a Fear-Free Certified professional. She believes in positive, playful, and trust-based training. Having worked in a veterinary hospital part-time since 2011, Laura has a strong passion for teaching pet owners and professionals how to use low-stress techniques in husbandry and pet health practices. As a mother of two human children and several furry ones, Laura feels strongly about helping parents learn how to raise children and pets together with both play and safety in mind. Laura currently offers virtual training, online courses, and private in-home training for behavior problems.


April Begosh, CCFT, LMT, PTI 

April is co-owner of Canine Strong, a canine rehab and wellness center in Concord, NH.  April is a licensed Massage Therapist of 26 years, a level II Reiki practitioner, a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and a Pet Tech instructor.  April has always had a passion for working with animals.  In 2009, she decided that she wanted to be able to provide the same quality care that she provides for her human clients to animals.  She underwent an independent study in small animal massage and completed training through the University of Tennessee and FitPaws USA to become a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.  In addition, she went through the Pet Tech instructor training to become an instructor of CPR, First Aid and Wellness Care for Pets.  April provides both group and individual services that positively affect the physical and mental wellness of our pets while strengthening the bond between them and their human companions.  April's mission is to assist pet owners in creating lifestyles for their pets that are safe, healthy and happy.   


Dr. Tasha Wilson, DVM, CCRT, cVMA

Dr. Tasha Wilson , owner of Acupetvet , received her Bachelors of Arts in Science locally at St. Anselm College in NH and in 2005 she graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada. After practicing general veterinary medicine, she recognized that traditional medicine has some limitations; she started to look into other avenues of veterinary treatment and became certified in rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture. 

She now owns Acupetvet- a rehabilitation and acupuncture clinic. Although she still loves traditional medicine and works occasionally at other veterinary clinics, she primarily focuses on this complimentary treatments for pets.

Many of her patients see her for preventative care but also for treatment of pain, orthopedic and/or neurological diseases.

She greatly enjoys working with both cats and dogs; but especially enjoys working with geriatrics and active dogs. She feels that every  dog is a “sporting dog” since they all are active dogs ( unless you literally have a coach potato )  and will benefit from acupuncture, stretches, massages and rehabilitation therapy.  

Dr. Wilson can be found in her clinic in Somersworth, NH, or traveling the seacoast providing in-home veterinary care for pets with mobility issues, chronic pain, or in need of veterinary rehabilitation services; providing patients with acupuncture, laser therapy, electromagnetic therapy, massages and more.


Tim Connell

Tim Connell is a retired Chief of Police, with a 34 year career in New Hampshire law enforcement.

Tim has been involved with working dogs and training since the 1980’s. He has handled and trained dogs in several venues, including police and sport. During his police career, he handled both patrol and explosive detection dogs. He also handled an explosive detection dog as a contractor in the cruise ship industry.

Tim has also bred and raised puppies for police and sport dog homes.

Tim maintains his position as New Hampshire State Coordinator for NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association).

He is also a certification agent for another nationally known organization, and can certify police and civilian dogs in patrol, narcotics and explosives detection, personal protection, and search and rescue.


Monica Allaire-McMahon, KPA CTP

Monica Allaire-McMahon is the owner of Barrington Barks and Behavior LLC. She is committed to kind, ethical treatment of both humans and their dogs. Monica focuses on learning what the needs of the individual dog and their family are, addressing those needs and in turn improving the welfare of everyone in the home.

  Monica is certified through Karen Pryor Academy, graduating with distinction from their rigorous 6-month program. A 25-year history of fostering, running a state licensed quarantine and independent study led to her more formal education. She was the second person worldwide to receive certification through the Dynamic Dog Practitioner Programme, and is currently as Admin supporting upcoming students.  Included in this accredited program is study of detailed gait and posture analysis and addressing the role pain plays in behavior. 

Her studies include aggression, fear, relationship and enrichment, and she is currently completing courses with Nordic Education Center for Dog Trainers.

She had the honor of speaking about her passion, Enrichment, during the Virtual Dog Conference, Fling less February and From the Hound Up Academy, UK based groups.

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