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Join us with your dog! October 16-18th.

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Looking for a special weekend with your best friend? Want to leave your busy life behind and bond with your dog for the weekend? We are so excited to announce our first ever Dog Training Retreat. Join us in beautiful Ocean Park, Maine for a weekend full of training, relaxing, and fun!

What we're offering


Registration includes access to both of the weekends seminars!

Trust and Relationship Building

Trust is a funny thing. It needs to be earned, not assumed. It’s the foundation to every good relationship, human or animal. During this seminar, you will learn ways in which you may be unconsciously withdrawing from your dog’s trust of you, as well as ways in which you can quickly build it back up. You’ll learn what trust looks like and how you can take the lessons from human research and apply it to your relationship with your dog.

Fear Free Ways to Teach Cooperative Care Skills 

Using the foundation of the Fear Free Pets Program, you will learn how to use cooperative care techniques to give your dog a choice in handling and husbandry. You can’t always plan for visits to the Vet’s office so you need to start working on these skills in the comfort of home in order to set your dog up for the most success at his next visit. Not only that, but co-operative care will greatly benefit your at-home grooming and medicating, as well as trips to the groomer, kennel, or other places where new people need to be more hands-on.


Registration includes access to 3, 2 hour workshops! 



Rally Obedience

Cooperative Care


Off Leash

Nose Work

Retreat Levels



Gold Level includes housing in a private cabin with a private restroom. This provides guests with a quieter stay. Registration in 3 workshops and access to all seminars included. Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch are included. Participants will also receive a T- Shirt at registration. Cost, $625

Gold is Sold Out.



Silver Level includes housing in a dorm style room with shared restrooms. Enjoy a greater sense of community here with a shared meeting space to relax in. Registration in 3 workshops and access to all seminars included. Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch are included. Participants will also receive a T-Shirt at registration. Cost, $550

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Meet The Instructors

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Louise Daigle, CPDT-KA, CGC

Co-Owner of Red Pointy Dog Training

Louise has been training dogs professionally for 8 years. With an associates degree in animal science from UNH, Louise started working as a vet tech before moving on to training in animal shelters. Having had challenging dogs herself, Louise has a soft spot for the difficult dogs. She specializes in behavior modification for aggressive and reactive dogs. 

Louise is a supporting member of the International Association of Applied Behavior consultants, a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Canine learning is a science and as a result this field is ever growing. Louise is committed to continuing education and is diligently working towards becoming a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.


Jake Belmont, CGC, APDT, CPDT-KA

Co-Owner of Red Pointy Dog Training

Jake has been working with dogs for his entire professional career with 6 years of training experience. He started working in dog daycare and was quickly fascinated by dog communication and learning. From there he started his own dog walking business until he joined forces with Red Pointy Dog Training in 2018. 

Jake is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and is currently studying to become a Certified Dog Parkour Instructor.

Megan Arey, CPDT-KA, CGC

Owner of Inspire K9's

Megan holds an Associates degree in Applied Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. She has been in the dog sport world since she was 16 years old. Starting out in the AKC breed ring showing German Shorthair Pointers while working for professional show handlers. This is where she started seeing the dog sports available besides the breed ring. She started dabbling in Rally obedience, hunt tests, and agility with her GSP. After college she went on to be a dog groomer while still competing in many venues titling her GSP. While grooming she always worked with the fearful, and unconfident dogs that came into the shop to build up their confidence and tolerance for the grooming process. This sparked her interest in canine behavior. From there the rest is history. She made a career change and decided to work towards her dog trainer certification. Once she became certified she opened Inspire K-9's Training Center with a mission to show all students that after manners there are so many fun opportunities within the dog sport world for students and their pups. All why using a positive, force free method!

Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified, AS

Owner of Miss Behavior in Northwood, founded her dog training business in 2008. She graduated from the University of NH with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science with a concentration on Small Animal Care. Laura is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and a Fear-Free Certified professional. She believes in positive, playful, and trust-based training. Having worked in a veterinary hospital part-time since 2011, Laura has a strong passion for teaching pet owners and professionals how to use low-stress techniques in husbandry and pet health practices. As a mother of two human children and several furry ones, Laura feels strongly about helping parents learn how to raise children and pets together with both play and safety in mind. Laura currently offers virtual training, online courses, and private in-home training for behavior problems.

Staci Stanley, AS

Staci Stanley graduated from UNH with an Animal Science Degree in 1996 and has been training dogs professionally ever since. She has been involved in competitive obedience for over 20 years and Rally since it became an official sport in 2005. Both her Bouvier and Papillon were the first of their breed to earn a rally title in the United States. Her main goal in teaching is to help owners strengthen their bond with their dogs through mutual respect and communication.

Christina Blair, CNWI

Christina started dog training at It's a Dog's World in 2016 teaching manners, agility, and nose work courses. She is an active member of the National Association of Canine Scent Work, a Certified Nose Work Instructor, and a judge for Odor Recognition Tests. Christina regularly volunteers and attends NACSW trials, seminars, and workshops. She resides with Tank an English Bulldog who has passed all 3 of his ORTs,  Molly a Basset/Bloodhound mix who has her NWI title, and Cruz a Staffordshire Terrier mix who has his NW2 title.

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