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Is walking your dog embarrassing? Are you avoiding regular activities with your dog because you are worried how they will behave?

First, let me tell you that you are not alone my friend.

The single most common behavior we see here at Red Pointy Dog Training is dog reactivity. Second, let me tell you that you can change it!

It's time to take back your walks. In this
webinar you'll learn to help your dog feel more
comfortable and to actually change their
behavior! We'll be with you every step of the way.

In our webinar, The Reactive Dog Class, we'll cover why dogs are reactive and how you can make sure their needs are being met to make sure your training is as effective as possible. This class will demonstrate each exercise you'll need to practice with your own dog to ensure your success. You'll receive our workbook with free bonus resources to stay on track and refer back to and more!

For an investment of $87 you'll receive,

  •  Access to webinar with recording for 2 weeks after the live meeting.

  • Our workbook complete with bonus resources and everything you need to get going.

  • Lifetime access to video tutorials for each behavior.

  • Access to our bonus Facebook Group for support after the webinar.


Special Pricing

in effect!

Join now and receive $33 off while special pricing is in effect! Live webinar will take place Saturday, May 23rd at 4pm. Remember, those who cannot attend live will receive a full recording of the event and your questions will still be answered inside our exclusive facebook group!

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