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What is a Flirt Pole and How to use it safely.

Exercising a dog can take a lot of time and sometimes a walk just isn’t in the cards for the day. Using a flirt pole can be a great way to exercise your dog and teach them some important manners at the same time.

If a walk is your dog’s main source of exercise, then playing with the flirt pole ahead of time will burn some extra steam and allow for them to focus and walk nicer. If your dog is overstimulated or even reactive, again the flirt pole can help ease that tension prior to your walk.

It is important to build rules around the game so your dog can have fun safely. Check out our video on what a flirt pole is and how to use one with your dog. A huge thank you to Squishy Face Studio, makers of the best flirt pole, for sponsoring our video. Tune in for a special discount code as well!

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