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Meet Your Trainer: Casey Morrison

Casey, from Weare New Hampshire, joined the Red Pointy Dog Training team in 2023 as our Client Care Specialist and we're excited to announce that soon she'll be taking on dog training clients in and around Weare, Henniker, New Boston, Goffstown, Dunbarton, Deering, and Hopkinton New Hampshire. If you're looking for puppy training and problem solving, basic manners, obedience, working with jumping, leash manners, recall or anything else, Casey is happy to help! Get to know the newest member of our team below.

Dog Training in Weare, Henniker, New Boston

Hi! I’m Casey and I am so excited to be a part of the Red Pointy Dog Training team!

I am on the road to becoming a certified professional dog trainer and I am loving every bit of it!

When I was a kid, I would have never said that I wanted to be a dog trainer when I grew up. I spent my days working on alpaca farms, pet sitting for friends and family and had a house full of animals, from rabbits to hamsters, to guinea pigs, to dogs and cats. I loved all animals from tiny pocket pets to large farm animals and everything in between. My childhood dream was to become a veterinarian.

Dog Trainer in Weare NH, Puppy Training Weare NH, Manners Training Weare NH

I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Psychology, focusing on behavioral neuroscience, and childhood and adolescent development. That’s quite different than becoming a veterinarian! During my college career, I landed a work-study position in a local animal shelter and I LOVED IT! I truly found my passion and loved helping animals that needed it the most. These were the dogs that were surrendered due to being too high energy for the family or the ones that were transported up from the south and just needed extra time, patience, and high-value treats to warm up.

I received a full-time job at the shelter after I graduated. Who knew that this was even a career path? I sure didn’t!

How did I land on becoming a dog trainer after working in a shelter?

Honestly, my psychology degree has come in handy when working with the public as well as the dogs in the shelter. I spent 6 years learning a great deal about animal behavior and training to help dogs and cats have a positive and enriched stay in the shelter, as well as being successfully adopted into a loving home. I did behavioral intakes for animals as well as placing animals into foster homes and their forever homes. My dog behavior knowledge and training flourished working hands-on with many different animal behaviors within the shelter. Shelter work was rewarding but it was also so tough. After 6 years, I found myself burnt out and looking for a way to mend my soul.

puppy training and problem solving, basic manners, obedience, working with jumping, leash manners, recall in Weare NH

My career path shifted a little over a year ago when I became a manager at a different

shelter in their behavior and training department. I had the opportunity to work with puppies and adult dogs on their basic manners, as well as behavioral concerns, and recently adopted pups that needed a little more support settling into their new home. I have enjoyed this new path where I get to work with dogs and their families with training and support.

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