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How many times have you asked your dog ‘Man can’t you just relax for a bit?’ Whether that’s when you are trying to sit down to watch TV, while you are preparing dinner, answering the door or while you are out on a walk, we all have this question for our dogs at one point or another. Now it seems like a simple request, but for many dogs the word Relax is a pretty foreign concept. In this hour long webinar we will go over tips, tricks and routines that will help your dog take a breath, assess a situation and just relax!


You will leave with actionable items that you can put into your routine with ease to help achieve this sometimes seemingly impossible goal.


This product is a digital download. You'll receive access to download the class sheet which will contain your link to access the recording of this webinar.

Calm Canines: Relaxation and Your Dog, Webinar Recording

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