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Summer is such a beautiful time of year, with the sun shining and green grass! Then there are the New Years parties too, resolutions and good times abound. Celebrations often come with some kind of firework displays from the big town shows to your neighbor's home display. Both thunderstorms and fireworks can be something that humans and dogs tend to dread. 


Does your dog try to crawl out of their skin when you are on a walk and they hear a gun go off? Or even just the sound of a car backfiring can be enough to trigger the most relaxed dog to hightail it home to safety. So many dogs struggle with this, estimates say that up to 40% of the dog population suffer from Noise Phobia of some kind.


Noise phobia can look like anything from a dog panting with stress when they hear something, to full blown panic with full body shakes and them desperately trying to escape. It is a sad and helpless feeling to see your beloved dog go through these emotions, especially when you can’t find anything that helps them.


In our class, you will leave with a knowledge of all the options available to help your dog through these difficult times. You will learn from Dr. Shannon Emmons about medications that can help your dog feel better during these situations. You will leave with a training plan to move forward towards not just better behavior, but to helping your dog feel better about the noises they are afraid of.


This product is a digital download. You'll receive access to download the class sheet which will contain your link to access the recording of this webinar.

Help for Dogs with Noise Phobia, Webinar Recording

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