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Build Your Dog First Aid Kit

Expect the unexpected...

I’ll always remember the day I looked behind my extremely stoic dog Maggie and noticed a trail of blood in every other foot print in the snow for as long as I could see. I was not prepared that day so I ended up carrying my 60 pound friend all the way back home. Had I been prepared with a few important things I could have saved my dog and my back some suffering. 

We can never predict when our dogs are going to get hurt. That day Maggie had stepped on a stump in the perfectly wrong way and ripped most of her nail off. You can’t predict when something is going to go wrong and no matter how careful you are our dogs have minds of their own! From split pads on sharp rocks, to scrapes through thorn bushes, and broken toenails while jumping through a skidder trail to stepping on a ground wasp nest, there are things that are just beyond our control. We can be prepared though.

A well stocked and well planned First Aid Kit for your dog can save both of you plenty of pain and stress. Click below for a list to get you started.

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